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Mission Vision and Values


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The vision mission and the values which we follow at IAET are as follows:


Our mission is to promote education professionals and to unite our members globally to inspire, transform and influence the global academic community, supporting research and innovations to meet the needs of society.


To promote new research and scientific innovations so as to better serve the society.


Members shall conduct themselves honorably, responsibly, ethically, and lawfully so as to enhance the honor,

reputation, and usefulness of the profession.

Members shall hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public.

Members shall perform services only in the areas of their competence.

Members shall disclose all known or potential conflicts of interest that could influence or appear to influence

their judgment or the quality of their services.

Members shall not solicit or accept financial or other valuable consideration, directly or indirectly, from outside

agents in connection with the work for which they are responsible.

Members shall not offer, give, solicit, or receive, either directly or indirectly, any contribution to influence the

award of a contract by public authority, or which may be reasonably construed by the public as having the

effect or intent of influencing the awarding of a contract. They shall not offer any gift or other valuable

consideration in order to secure work.

Members shall be guided in all their relations by the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Members shall at all times strive to serve the public interest.

Members are encouraged to participate in civic affairs; career guidance for youths; and work for the advancement

of the safety, health, and well-being of their community.

Members shall not complete, sign, or seal plans and/or specifications that are not in conformity with applicable

engineering standards. If anyone insists on such unprofessional conduct, they shall notify the proper authorities

and withdraw from further service on the project.

Members are encouraged to extend public knowledge and appreciation of engineering and its achievements.

Members are encouraged to adhere to the principles of sustainable development in order to protect the environment

for future generations.

Members shall avoid all conduct or practice that deceives the public.

Members shall not disclose, without consent, confidential information concerning the technical proceedings.

Members shall not be influenced in their professional duties by conflicting interests.

Members shall not attempt to obtain advancement or professional engagements by untruthfully criticizing other

members, or by other improper or questionable methods.

Members shall not attempt to injure, maliciously or falsely, directly or indirectly, the professional reputation,

prospects, practice, or employment of other members. Members who believe others are guilty of unethical or illegal

practice shall present such information to the proper authority for action.

Members shall accept personal responsibility for their professional activities, provided, however, that members may

seek indemnification for services arising out of their practice for other than gross negligence, where the member's

interests cannot otherwise be protected.

Members shall conform to state registration laws in the practice of engineering.

Members shall not use association with a non-engineer, a corporation, or partnership as a "cloak" for unethical acts.

Members shall give credit for engineering work to those to whom credit is due, and will recognize the proprietary

interests of others.

Members shall continue their professional development throughout their careers and should keep current in their

specialty fields by engaging in professional practice, participating in continuing education courses, reading in the

technical literature, and attending professional meetings and seminars.
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