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The International Association for Engineering and Technology (IAET) is a professional body where Researchers, Scientist, and Engineers meet to exchange views and information, to learn and share ideas. The wide spectrum of members is committed to the advancements of the theory and practice in the field of Science and Engineering Technology Systems.

In order to create value to its members, the association has planned various schemes and some of them include:

Discount on registration fee (generally 10-20%) for all the International Conferences conducted b...
IAET members can apply and avail 50% discount on fee for any training courses as and when the ann...
IAET promotes and provides financial support for research work in contemporary areas in Engineeri...
IAET also publishes number of International Journals. Preference (on publishing) will be given to...
Absolutely free e-access to all the Conference Proceedings and Journals published by the IAET.
IAET will fund and provide help to organize high quality Technical International Conferences*.
Become a Member of a reputed International Professional Organisation.
Will be a part of an academic Fraternity of over 45,000 strong professional.
Preference to attend short-term training programme for the academic excellence and to become elig...
Many more publications for Self Development, Institution Development, etc.
Eligible to participate in Chapter level, Section level and National Navel Conferences, Workshops...
A global repository of deep knowledge resources and Academic Intelligence.
Member Recognition, Opportunities & Privileges.
Mentorship for student members, fresh graduates and young professionals.
Member Achievements showcased at international level.
Apply for Interest Groups & Join a global league of Academicians from your field.
Network and collaborate with leaders and subject matter experts of your field through interest gr...
Right to use designation such as MIAET, etc. after your name.
Opportunity to play a larger role as IAET Local Network Office Bearer.
Speaking, Mentoring, Advisory and Volunteering for various academic and research activities.
Job Opportunities: IAET's interest group helps employers to recognise potential job-seekers in th...
Networking Opportunities: Through IAET Interest Groups, blogs, and live events, members can reach...
News of the Profession: Available online to all, IAET journals is packed with research articles c...
Publicity & Outreach: Through its Publication efforts, IAET projects a powerful voice publicizing...
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