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About Interest Group

The IAET Interest Group is specifically dedicated group of Engineers, Technologists, Industry Persons, Students, Research Scholars and other likeminded Persons from the Instrumentation & Control Engineering Discipline. The IAET Group of Instrumentation & Control Engineering provides the opportunity to its members to connect with the persons of their own field through regularly scheduled activities like conferences, training programs workshops etc. on the Instrumentation & Control Engineering. The IAET Group of Instrumentation & Control Engineering serves as a unique avenue for networking, information sharing, and idea exchange among peers of the same community. Members of group can share and exchange ideas through various means such as email exchange, social media networking, IAET mentorship program, problem solving workshops / sessions.

Interest Group Assignments

The group members of the IAET Interest Groups can freely organize different activities for its group members for promoting research activities. They can organize various activities such as conferences, training programs, webinars, e-conference and workshops etc. With the aim to encourage networking, information sharing and idea exchange among the group of members. The IAET has a mentorship program for young researchers and scholars and students. It serves as a very good platform for the Instrumentation & Control Engineering community members to meet with each other and to exchange ideas.

About IAET

International Association for Engineering and Technology (IAET) is a scholarly, non-profit association of likeminded Professionals, Engineers, Academicians, Technologists, Students and Freelancers that promotes research activities in the field of Engineering and Technology worldwide to cater the needs of the society. The main purpose of this organization is to provide a research platform and to promote new research and scientific applications in the field Engineering and Technology.
The IAET vision is to encourage the collaboration between the professionals in various fields of the science and to develop a platform for the progress and growth of the innovations in the field of science Engineering and technology.

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